4 steps to extending the life of hydraulic cylinders

Extending the life-cycle of hydraulic cylinders reduces costs

1. Enquire about Bespoke design

It is often said as many as 1 in 4 hydraulic rams are inadequately designed for the desired application. This doesn’t mean cylinders won’t perform the task at hand but can dramatically increase repair and maintenance costs as well as compromise safety aspects. Problems created by inadequately designed cylinders include bent rods, ballooned tubes and unsuitable rod finish. By tailoring cylinders to your exact specifications and application instead of making ‘fit’ an unsuitable “off the shelf” cylinder you can expect excellent performance, unique and innovative designs and ex-tended cylinder life.

2. Apply a protective coating

Hard chrome plating (HCP) has been the industry standard for cylinder protection since the middle of the 20th century. Whilst HCP assists in extending cylinder life-spans, superior alternatives are available.

COREX (by Apex Hydraulics) outperforms HCP on hardness, porosity, pressure, density, environmental and ecological metrics. COREX’s hardness, up to 1400Hv, provides excellent bond strength of <10,000psi compared to HCP 750-850HV, <5000psi. Impact damage which dents the substrate and in turn leads to cracking and peeling of the coating is more than halved with COREX.

3. Invest in an efficient Maintenance schedule

Having an active preventative maintenance plan in place is invaluable in prolonging the life and effectiveness of your crucial cylinders/rams. By identifying problems before they occur and administering maintenance at the most opportune moment in your cylinders life, efficient maintenance schedules can save enormously on the costly downtime associated with cylinder failure.

4. Ensure you have clean oil

Hydraulic system performance is intrinsically linked to oil contamination levels. Contaminated oil can manifest itself in various ways including tank corrosion, pump failure, blocked filters and damaged components. Oil becomes contaminated by moisture and particles. Installing a suitable oil filtration system can extend hydraulic oil up to 10 times as well as reducing machine and component wear.

Utilising thermal spraying techniques COREX is able to spray large surface areas with a thicker coating. Not only does this reduce the application time from a full day to within hours but in addition COREX provides a continuous surface preventing the micro-cracks associated with HCP that lead to corrosion. HCP porosity is 5-10% with additional micro-cracks in contrast COREX porosity is less than 1% with NO micro-cracks.

COREX’s extreme hardness 1400Hv and thicker coating ensures increased cylinder life, durability, efficiency and performance. COREX therefore enables machinery to cope with low lubricity fluids or high contamination better than its counterpart HCP. In addition to its other benefits COREX holds an ecological advantage over HCP; HCP produces harmful hexavalent chromium as a by-product. James Oldroyd, Managing Director at Apex Hydraulics said the significant advancement in the industry relied upon the innovation of new technologies such as COREX,

“In response to feedback from our clients we have spent the last 2 years researching and developing a brand new range of cylinder rod coatings that will help increase the lifespan and durability of hydraulic cylinders. As a result we are proud to announce the availability of COREX.’

“Hard chrome plating is the industry standard solution. It offers good all round performance. But where improvements are needed COREX is the superior solution.”

Some of Our sector experience with COREX

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