Subsea Hydraulic Cylinders

We design cylinders that can withstand the most fierce subsea conditions

Hydraulic cylinders designed for subsea fabrications are met by an extreme set of challenges. For every 10 metres of subsea descent, external pressure builds by one atmosphere or approximately one bar. This means that at great depths, the pressure of sea water trying to force its way into the hydraulic system is intense. Corrosion by salt water is a constant issue. Hydraulic cylinders may need to be in place for 25 years – and still able to work at the end of that period. Depths make the cylinders difficult to access and often the hydraulic system needs to be operated by Remote Operating Vehicles.

Utilising Market Leading Technologies for Robust Subsea Cylinders

Apex has years of experience at utilising innovative technologies to combat the unique challenges of the subsea industry. We use a number of bespoke coatings that protect against corrosion and marine growth, keeping hydraulic cylinders and rods usable for decades. This includes COREX, a specially designed market leading coating, exclusive to Apex and designed together with industry experts. Cylinders designed by our highly-qualified team use special seals to ensure that the hydraulics work perfectly under intense pressures, with no sea water able to leak in and corrode the oil. We have experience of producing hydraulic cylinders with hot stabs, so that they can be accessed by Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV).

Why Choose Apex Hydraulics?

Apex have over 30 years of experience of developing some of the most hard wearing and bespoke hydraulic cylinders available today. We understand that for safety and efficiency, every component of a subsea hydraulic cylinder must be in perfect working order from their first use and that they need to remain robust and functional throughout their lifespan, with very little maintenance. Together with industry experts, we have tried and tested numerous materials and our skilled design and manufacturing teams are able to create cylinders that are ideal for each individual fabrication. We have a dedicated inspection department, with stringent testing procedures and we are happy to work together with any third-party inspection agencies.

Contact Apex hydraulics today, on 01924 456788 with any enquiries about our subsea cylinder design and manufacture.


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