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Market leading innovations within the rail sector

Railways are a thriving industry, ever growing and developing. With roads becoming more and more congested, there will be an increasing dependence on trains for regular transport, but with this necessity comes the need for increasing reliability. Apex has invested their expertise in developing tailored solutions for the needs of the rail industry, in order to make their repair and maintenance vehicles more robust.

Why choose us?

Apex Hydraulics have a bespoke approach to serving the unique needs of the rail sector. We have developed COREX; a market leading coating, uniquely suited to keeping hydraulic rods working for longer in potentially harsh environments like the Railways. With these specialised coatings, out-of-the-box designs and a highly experienced team, Apex is perfectly placed to meet the needs of the rail industry.

At Apex we have excellent machine capabilities, as well as highly skilled staff and ample workforce to meet our customer’s requirements. We are driven, passionate and happy to invest the hours required in order to make sure that each job is delivered out in time to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our Inspection department ensures that each job is manufactured and tested to the highest standards. We can also repair any hydraulic system presented to us, and are delighted to be able to say that we are yet to find a hydraulic cylinder that we cannot repair!

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