Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders

Innovative technology and advanced engineering

Innovative technology and advanced engineering has enabled Apex to produce double acting telescopic cylinders, suitable for use within a variety of applications, including equipment for high specification off shore work.

Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic cylinders are beneficial for hydraulic systems that require a large reach. Ideal for a number of applications, they can halve the time taken to do a job. For example, in a piece of machinery involved in lifting, a one metre stroke can be doubled to lift two metres at a time.

The most common day-to-day example of telescopic cylinder use may be tipping trucks, able to achieve long strokes in order to release the trailer load. Gravity then pushes the trailer back down into a level position.

Dual Action

There are circumstances where a telescopic cylinder may require a dual action, in cases where gravity cannot be expected to cause the retraction of the cylinder rods.

Apex has used innovative technology and complex engineering to produce telescopic cylinders that are capable of being hydraulically operated back into the closed position rather than allowing gravity to push the hydraulic rod closed. Crucially for some applications, the telescopic cylinders can be designed to travel at a constant speed, ideal in lifting operations to improve safety.

Quality Engineering

Apex use bespoke designs and high-quality materials to produce a cylinder to the exact specifications required by our clients.

Testing and Certificates of Conformity

All hydraulic systems produced at Apex are tested by our in-house inspection and testing department, ensuring robust, reliable equipment. We are able to provide certificates of conformity and pressure test certificates, evidencing pressure testing complying with the design requirements. We are also happy to facilitate any testing by third party insurers.

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