Market leading innovations within the mining sector

Market leading innovations within the mining sector

The UK Mining industry is the industry Apex Hydraulics was originally created to service which means that we are firmly established as the leading authority on hydraulics issues and the design and development of innovative solutions within this sector.

Why choose us?

Over 30 years of working within the mining industry we have invested considerable time and resource to research and develop a comprehensive range of solutions for your industry.

Always conscious of under ground conditions, we have successfully developed systems which far exceed their usual life span, therefore reducing your company’s overall costs. You have the peace of mind knowing all of our cylinders have been tried and tested in situ.

We have a vast range of hydraulic cylinders and pumps stock from major manufacturers available from our Yorkshire base. Our Yorkshire base is also home to our manufacturing workshop & design studio which means that we are on hand to satisfy any bespoke requirements from our clients.

Our manufacturing and repair processes include unique and tested methods for extending the life of hydraulic cylinders, equipments and systems.  We believe we provide the best products and solutions and we aim to exceed our clients expectations on both quality and turnaround time.

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