Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

Hydraulic Repairs and Manufacture

Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) are used to deploy and retrieve equipment or small vessels into the ocean from the side of larger vessels such as ships.
Several different types of hydraulic cylinder are used in LARS fabrications.

    • Tilt Cylinders are used to pivot the frame of the LARS over the ocean to launch a vessel and back over the ship for recovery.
    • Boom Cylinders are used to advance the frame away from the side of the vessel, pushing the equipment out from the side of the ship.
      Latch Cylinders can lock equipment in place to steady it and prevent accident or premature release.
    • Motion compensating cylinders are used to counteract the rolling movement of the vessel caused by the ocean waves. This ensures that the equipment being launched remains as steady as possible throughout the process.

These cylinders are all extremely complex and have to be very precise, as well as robust enough to survive offshore environments and heavy work. Most LARS systems are rented pieces of equipment, and as such they often see overuse, sometimes being used for equipment that is heavier than the intended loads. For several years Apex have been working with manufacturers of Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) to maintain and repair the LARS hydraulic cylinders when brought in for intermittent maintenance.

The cylinders go through the strip and assessment process, with skilled engineers assessing the damage and replacing materials like for like; or where relevant, suggesting upgrades to equipment. New parts are fabricated in the machine shop and parts are assembled in the fitting ship. As well as repair, Apex are also able to manufacture brand new LARS cylinders.

  • Apex are the ideal partner for LARS equipment manufacture and maintenance
    Highly experienced engineers can create bespoke designs or assist in design improvements
  • The state-of-the-art Dewsbury workshop sends top spec hydraulic cylinders throughout the world
  • Decades of working with the offshore industry has given Apex unparalleled experience of building robust hydraulic cylinders, capable of surviving tough environments
  • Apex is the world’s only provider of the unique new rod coating, COREX, which benefits from almost twice the hardness of Hard Chrome Plating.
  • Apex is happy to facilitate any third-party inspections that are required, as well as conducting thorough inspections to any required testing in our dedicated in-house inspection department.
  • Apex are familiar and experienced with all compulsory offshore design stipulations and facilitate any technical requirements, such as DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, ABS as well as NORSOK M 501 paint requirements.

For more information, contact Apex today on 01924 456788.


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