Hydraulic Accumulators

Market leading innovations with hydraulic accumulators

Market leading innovations with hydraulic accumulators

Hydraulic accumulators are an energy storage device. When kept under constant pressure, they allow the hydraulic system to operate instantly as needed, without the delays or pulsing that would usually be generated by using a pump alone.

The smoother process created by the accumulator increases the lifespan of a hydraulic system as it is less demanding for valves, seals and other components.

An accumulator is also a safety feature; avoiding any interruptions that could be caused by a malfunctioning pump and usually allowing a hydraulic cylinder to complete its stroke in the event of a failure. This is excellent for applications where it is critical that there is a failsafe or end cycle in the event of system or power failure.

As an accumulator reduces the usage of the hydraulic cylinder pump, it makes a system more cost effective and more environmentally friendly as well as speeding up processes. The accumulator allows hydraulic fluid to be released immediately, cutting out any delay that may be caused by the distance of the pump from the cylinder. One company that purchased accumulators from Apex Hydraulics reported that the new accumulators paid for themselves within a week, thanks to the increased efficiency and output of the machines.

Different accumulator types:

  • Bladder Accumulators
  • Transfer Barrier Accumulators
  • Stainless Steel Accumulators
  • Piston Accumulators
  • Hydra Cushions
  • Diaphragm Accumulators

Whatever type, size or brand of accumulator you have, we can supply replacement units or seal kits for it.

OMT Accumulators

Since 2018, Apex have been working together with a leading Italian accumulator manufacturer, OMT, to provide off-the-shelf hydraulic accumulators in a range of sizes; from 1 litre to 50 litres. Apex have chosen this manufacturer due to the high quality of their bladder accumulators. Constructed from hard wearing chrome molybdenum steel, the accumulators have top quality gas valves and are sandblast treated and primed with RAL 5005. If required these accumulators can be coated in any offshore or marine specification paint system to suit your requirements. These accumulators are designed to last, and Apex Hydraulics are delighted to be the official UK distributor for them.

In addition to OMT, Apex Hydraulics can provide replacement hydraulic accumulators for all brands, including:

  • Fawcett Christie (FCH)
  • Hydac
  • Olear
  • Greer
  • Parker
  • Bosch
  • QHP

Accumulator Recycling

Hydraulic accumulator disposal is a specialist job, due to an accumulator being a pressurised container. Accumulators must be depressurised and discharged safely, with the oil being recycled responsibly and the soft parts being separated from the metal. Apex Hydraulics offer a specialist Hydraulic Accumulator recycling service for obsolete or scrap accumulators – contact us for more information.

Next Day Delivery

Apex customer service is second to none, with salespeople available to discuss your requirements and offer experienced advice on the best product for you. With an incredible turnaround time, Apex can provide bladder accumulators immediately, with same day delivery available for rush orders, and bespoke, specialised accumulators being delivered within a matter of days.

Bespoke Products

Diaphragm, piston and non-standard bladder accumulators are also available on request. Speak to our team at Apex today, on 01924 456788.For more information on our hydraulic cylinder accumulator repair service click HERE.


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