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Our sector experience is wide & varied. Our experience includes, but isn’t limited to, the Offshore, Mining, Recycling, Renewable Energies, Steel and Injection Moulding Machine sectors.


We manufacture hydraulic rams & we supply hydraulic pumps, accumulators, valves & Hauhinco systems. Our revolutionary COREX cylinder coatings have made headlines around the world.


We repair hydraulic rams / hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic accumulators, valves & power packs. We provide hydraulic pump testing, oil filtration & on site services.


Apex Hydraulics started in 1986, but our team’s combined experience spans 100’s of years. We specialise in hydraulics, in manufacturing and supporting services for hydraulic systems.


We not only lead the market in the repair of hydraulic cylinders, we are also a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer. Our experience spans across sectors, and our experience in design & development means that we are equipped to understand your project requirements and deliver the hydraulic solution that best fits the desired application.  

We are a leading supplier of hydraulic pumps, accumulators, valves & Hauhinco systems. Our hydraulic system design & development process is market leading, our lead times are exceptional and our  revolutionary COREX cylinder coatings have made headlines around the world.

Whatever the sector or field, from offshore mining to injection moulding machines, we commit ourselves to the goal of supplying hydraulic ram and hydraulic products that outperform those of our competitors. 

Every bespoke hydraulic cylinder is rigorously tested according to your requirements. If you would like to know more about our testing procedures, or would like to witness them first hand, please contact us. 


We are market leaders in the repair hydraulic systems. Since our inception in 1986, we quickly established ourselves at the forefront of hydraulic cylinder repairs. Since that time we have developed our service offering to include hydraulic accumulator, valve, power pack & pump repair.

We also work alongside our clients to optimise their hydraulic systems, we provide hydraulic pump testing services, oil filtration & on-site services.

In each of our service offerings our ethos is the same. We endeavour to understand our customer’s requirements and aim to offer a solution that is tailored to those requirements. Our aim is to partner with our customers to ensure their hydraulic systems reach their potential and deliver tangible benefits to their business, reducing downtime and providing savings through increased life-span of their hydraulic equipment.

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