Money Saving Solutions for Plastic Moulding Industry with Apex Hydraulics

In recent years, Apex Hydraulics have developed a number of unique solutions, specific to the plastic injection moulding industry; to reduce waste, help the environment, save money and speed up processes. Factory managers are discovering outstanding financial and time saving benefits, with many companies returning with more orders, across the services offered.

Off-the-Shelf Accumulators

A broken accumulator can mean weeks of waiting time for factory managers, with all the associated costs of downtime. Apex Hydraulics now offer off-the-shelf accumulators, ready for immediate dispatch. This is transforming waiting times for busy companies. Most common sizes are held in stock, ready for next or even same day delivery. More obscure accumulators can be ordered in and delivered within several days. Apex Hydraulics have selected to stock accumulators by top quality brand OMT, but can replace any accumulators by any manufacturer, including; Bosch, Fawcett Christie, Olear, Hydac, Greer, Parker or QHP.

Repair of Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are vital to injection moulding machines, as they are electronically controlled to be very precise. They allow machines to change speed and can be pre-programmed with a specific sequence. For example, a hydraulic cylinder on a tool may need to advance quickly, then slow down and build up pressure, across a specific time frame.

Due to the complex electronic nature of these valves, failure typically leads to disposal because repair is extremely difficult, and most companies do not offer this service.

Unfortunately for busy factories, the delivery of the requisite proportional valve for the specific machine can take up to several weeks, meaning lots of downtime for that piece of equipment.

Apex can repair these valves with an extremely swift turnaround of only two to three days. Up to 99% of proportional valves can be repaired, including valves by brands including Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Vickers and more. These valves are fully refurbished to the quality and durability that would be expected of a brand-new valve.

Repairs only take two to three working days, saving companies downtime, as well as being less expensive than a replacement. It is also far better for the environment, as items that would previously have been scrapped are being reused and repaired.

Bypass Filtration Units

An environmental and cost friendly solution, bypass filtration units allow the oil from a hydraulic system to be passed through an external series of filters; cleaning the oil far beyond the ability of the filters within a standard system, extending the life of the machinery. This keeps the oil much cleaner, extending the life of the cylinder.

Out of a barrel, oil is generally NAS8 or NAS 9, and will then become contaminated throughout the cycle of its life. A bypass filtration unit can clean the oil down to NAS 4 or 5. Almost any injection moulding machines can have bypass filtration units fitted, regardless of age or type.

A Satisfied Customer

A leading injection moulding company has had a long-term working relationship with Apex Hydraulics, commissioning Apex for repairs and replacements of their factory line hydraulic cylinders, over many years. Within recent months, the factory manager has seen improvements to processes due to innovative Apex solutions across a number of areas:

  • The factory manager contacted Apex to order six 50l accumulators. Ordered at 4pm on a weekday evening, the accumulators were with the company by 11am the following day. The new accumulators have increased the speed of the machines by a massive seven seconds per cycle. This huge increase in productivity, means that the accumulators have paid for themselves in less than a week of work.
  • The proportional valve on one of their machines failed, and they initially requested a brand-new valve. However, the replacement would have taken six to eight weeks to arrive meaning an excessive amount of downtime for the machine. Apex suggested a repair, which took only four days to turn around including dispatch and return and has resulted in an “as new” valve, for around 65% of the cost of a replacement valve.
  • The company are currently trialling some bypass filtration units. The trials are going well, with oil brought down from NAS 11 and 12, to NAS 4 and 5. This cleaner oil will reduce the need for internal filter changes (resulting in downtime) and remove the risk of contamination related machinery breakdown.

The factory manager is delighted with the savings and service provided by Apex Hydraulics, which have revolutionised the factories efficiency in these areas.

To speak to Apex Hydraulics about how your factory can save money and downtime, call today on 01924 456788.

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