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Here at Apex we understand that every customer and every project is unique, therefore we have specialised our skills and tailored our bespoke services to meet the hard pressed demands of some of the most arduous working conditions on the planet. Within the Coal, Gas and Offshore Mining industries we know that machinery is faced daily with dynamic environmental factors. Highly lubricious, acidic and pressured environments push machinery to its farthest limits, whilst simultaneously needing to consistently produce a huge performance to keep costly downtime to an absolute minimum.

… turnaround time of just 12 weeks from initial design to the delivery of the final product

Putting our extensive field expertise to work again Apex were recently approached by naval architects to design and manufacture a total of 6 off custom DNVGL approved double acting cylinders in 3 bespoke designs to be used offshore in a pile horizontal restraining frame. The hydraulic cylinders were to be specifically designed for use on the back of an offshore vessel in or around the splash zone. The arduous nature of the application of the cylinders meant that we needed to ensure that the cylinders would demonstrate the highest levels of reliability when faced with:

> High levels of vibration

> Infrequent change of stroke leading to potential long periods of rod exposure

> Static load holding

> Dynamic (reverse) load holding

> Operations with overrunning loads, counterbalance and ‘meter-out’ speed control.

> Saline conditions

Our design team relish a good challenge.

When the initial designs and technical calculations had been made they were then proposed to our clients for sign off. Following approval the procurement team began the process of selecting only the highest quality raw material ready to use by our skilled machine shop team. After ensuring the bespoke hydraulic cylinders complied with the DNVGL standard for certification –  NO.2.9 Type approval programme NO.5-778.93 they would finally undergo a vigorous testing and inspection process.

On completion of this process the cylinders were readied for transport to be delivered to their new offshore home with a total turnaround time of just 12 weeks from initial design to the delivery of the final product.

Apex continues to use it’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience to produce bespoke designs for specific industry demands. Efficient processing supports our commitment to producing quick lead times and developing high levels of professional customer relationships. Just some of the reasons clients continue to choose Apex over their competitors.

The arduous conditions in which coal is mined underground leave vital components subjected to acidic water, abrasive coal dust and high impact from coal itself. This environment resulted in critical skip door catch-frame cylinders (used to tip 20 ton coal skips) lasting a mere four to eight weeks before succumbing to significant corrosion on piston rods, cylinder bore and piston ends. This corrosion was not only costly due to repairs but created significant downtime and slowed production. The Client sought Apex for a solution that would maximise performance, increase production and drive down costs. Initially Apex redesigned the cylinders and improved the material specification and also fitted an induction hardened Stainless Steel piston rod. This was a big improvement as cylinders now lasted nine months before being changed as a matter of preventative measure and not because of cylinder failure. Apex had extended the cylinder life initially from one or two months to 9 months.

After 15 months Apex removed the cylinder for evaluation to discover the cylinder and all its components in perfect condition.


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