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EIMCO 627 Refurbishment

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With over 30 years’ experience working in the mining industry, Apex is the major authority in the service and repair of hydraulic equipment. So when we were faced with the opportunity to conduct a complete refurbishment to a redundant and very dejected EIMCO 627, we knew this was well within our capacity and rose to the challenge!

The machine was located in a disused mine so with our ‘never say no’ attitude we decided to purchase the machine and set to work.

Damaged equipment as it arrived at Apex

A complete and thorough electrical overhaul, including an FLP certificate and a full gear box refurbishment were carried out. The machine was finished and ready to be recommissioned and supplied along with a full set of hydraulic spares, including new rams, pumps and valves.

We understand there are times when you need hydraulic spares at short notice, so our stores hold a comprehensive selection of hydraulic spares, including rams, pumps and valves.

The outcome Apex overhauled a completely redundant piece of mining machinery which is now fully operational.

As you can see from our pictures, this was one of our most challenging projects but with a successful outcome.


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