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Hydraulic Pump Test Rig

Hydraulic Pump Test Rig

Always leading the way within the pump testing field, we can now offer you our computerised hydraulic pump test rig facility.

  • During scheduled maintenance or shut down, your pumps can be tested, which means that you can be up and running with the minimum of disruption
  • Your pump’s data is measured, collated and analysed by our expert technical team and all information is made available to you during this process.
  • We can accommodate the largest of pumps from the majority of pump manufacturers* with a maximum horsepower of 300kw

And don’t forget, after every single pump is repaired, we carry out full testing and a graphical analysis which is supplied to you.  So you have complete peace of mind knowing the repair has been carried out safely and effectively.

Hydraulic Pump Test Rig

Pump Mounting Interface

* Pumps which are compatible with our rig: Parker, Rexroth, Commercial, Vickers, Eaton, Bucher, Cassapa, Caterpillar, Oil Gear, Denison, Komatsu, Poclain, Sauer Danfoss, Calzoni, TDZ, Racine, Abex. If you have another brand, please advise us, we may be able to help.