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Commercial hydraulics are now part of the Parker Group which makes it part of one of the largest families in the hydraulics industry.

Before this takeover Commercial had established itself as probably the World’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and valves. Now with the backing of Parker, Commercial continues to lead the field and its series of gear pumps is the industry standard by which all other gear pumps are measured.

Products manufactured by Commercial include

  • Gear Pumps
  • Gear Motors
  • HD Piston Pumps
  • Valves
  • Flow Dividers
  • Motion Control

Gear Pumps- range from displacement sizes 14cc up to 187cc and includes model sizes P15, P25, P31, P37, P51, P75, P76, P300, P315, P330, P350, and P365.

Over the years, success of Commercial’s gear pumps has led to string of other companies manufacturing pumps that are directly interchangeable with their range, the most notable of these are Permco.

Pump Test and Service

We always have a large stock of commercial parts and are excellently equipped to contend with your plant breakdowns. We also offer a free strip and quote service, where by customers can be assured that they won’t incur any expense before they know the full extent of the cost.

Apex have always strived to improve the service they offer to their customers and with the recent introduction of their computerised Hydraulic Pump Test Facility, Apex are once again at the forefront of change in the pump service field.
This custom built pump test facility not only accommodates Commercial pumps, but all pumps from every manufacturer, every type and every size.

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