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DNV Subsea Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders

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Apex is strongly positioned, through wealth of experience and company infrastructure, to identify and satisfy the primary concerns of clients within the Oil and Gas industry requiring hydraulic cylinders.

Because of this, when there is a requirement within the Oil and Gas vertical for bespoke hydraulic cylinders, Apex is an immediate contender for any specialist requirements within the industry. Apex’s wealth of experience has taught them that strong professional relationships with clients are key to ensuring that Apex constantly evolve to meet pressing client demands.

Apex’s experience and client-centric approach has made them particularly sensitive to the time pressures and constraints within the industry; in light of this Apex emphasis on company process, innovation, efficiencies and quality control have been designed to ensure a sensitivity to this client requirement.

Apex’s highly developed and efficient processes combined with the highest standard of quality control and team management ensure that all their products go from design to completion both with speed and excellence.

So when Apex were approached by a large engineering company within the Oil & Gas industry, with a very strict time constraint, Apex were a step ahead of the competition.

The client requirement was the bespoke design, production and delivery of 6 Subsea double acting hydraulic rams with a lead time of 25 days. After gathering the client requirements, Apex’s design team produced the requisite technical calculations and proposal design for approval by the client. With the client immediately approving of the proposal, the next stage is for the procurement team to source the necessary materials for the Machine Shop where it is then handed to the assembly team and then to the testing and inspection teams.

The Apex solution was 6 Subsea double acting Hydraulic Cylinders composed of a 17-4PH H1150+1150 grade stainless steel rod and tube.


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