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Damaged water hydraulics system

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When our customer approached us with a damaged water hydraulics system on their hydraulic press, we put our best men onto it. We knew we only had the shutdown period to carry out the works so our engineering team had to move fast.

Our customer was experiencing unresponsive controls which lead to scrapping and slowing of production. This intermittent and highly inefficient production process meant that our customer’s costs were escalating.

The solution was found from our partners, Hauhinco, the world market leader in the design and manufacture of water hydraulics systems. They provided a new pre-fill valve and stainless steel manifold block, housing multiple valve functions.

This completely new hydraulic and control system reduced scrap and also meant that future parts were completely accessible through Apex Hydraulics spare parts service.

The installation was completed during our customer’s two week shutdown with minimal pipe adjustments and renewal.

Our customer was delighted that we were able to install and commission during their standard shut down period, saving them considerable expense as there was no negative impact on production.

Apex now provides regular site servicing for the manifold and prefill valve and that all important spare part support service.


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