Oil & Gas Cylinder Manufacture

Apex design experience called upon for production critical cylinders for Peregrino Field, Brasil

Our Work

Customer requirement:

Our global oil and gas customer required a complete design and manufacture service.

Installation location:

The first project was at the Peregrino Field in Brasil, located 86km offshore, east of Rio De Janerio.
Its expected volume is 100,000 barrels per day

The second, at the Athena Field located 130km offshore in the North Sea.
Its expected volume is 22,000 barrels per day.

Apex Hydraulic cylinders are integral to recovery projections.


The cylinders would only be used occasionally, ideally without the need of maintenance or inspection.


The cylinders would be exposed to a salt-laden marine environment on the open deck of floating production storage and offloading vessel.

Accreditations/Quality control:

The cylinders must be designed in accordance to DNV GL Standard for certification No2.9

Design specification:

One of the hydraulic cylinders design must include a special double acting cylinder which has a threaded rod allowing it to be mechanically locked into position. This meant it must also have a special type of coating which prevents corrosion and thread galling at any point

The remaining other design of the cylinders included 17-4PH stainless steel piston rods which were then coated with an Apex coating solution to prevent any corrosion.

All the Cylinders were designed and tested to 455 BAR

A succesful job completed by Apex:

Our customer was delighted with the outcome and subsequently placed a further order for its next project.


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