Quick Turnaround on Hydraulic Accumulators for Steel Casting Factory

While Apex Hydraulics have been providing companies with accumulators for many years, recently they have begun to offer off-the-shelf hydraulic accumulators, ready to be dispatched immediately to clients who need them swiftly. The accumulators kept in stock are top quality, extremely durable, high pressure accumulators, made by renowned Italian accumulator manufacturers, OMT. With stainless steel valves and a chrome molybdenum steel body, these accumulators are built to last and conform to all UK and EU regulations.

Bladder accumulators from 1 to 50 litres are in stock, with the option of same day dispatch. Apex can also order any size or model of accumulator required; including diaphragm and other types of bladder accumulators to be delivered within a week. Apex engineers are able to fit the hydraulic accumulators when required.

If required, Apex accumulators can be shot blasted and painted to the customer’s specifications, including three-coat marine paint for for offshore use. In addition, all the accumulators can be pre-charged with nitrogen to your requirements.

Apex was recently approached by an existing client who required a large number of new accumulators for their machinery. The client is a successful steel founders, with a large factory producing machine steel castings. While none of their machines had broken down, the factory was required to test and refurbish all the hydraulic accumulators throughout the production line in order to comply with legislation. The accumulators were old and so it was more cost effective to buy new ones than to strip and repair the existing ones.

Having worked with Apex before – both for the existing units and throughout other divisions of the business, the machining manager contacted Apex Hydraulics to request the new accumulators. They required a total of 11 accumulators, which were a mixture of 10 and 20 litre bladder accumulators. While this was planned maintenance and so there was no rush for the accumulators, the off-the-shelf 10 litre accumulators were available for next day delivery, while the bulk order of larger, 20 litre accumulators could be ordered and delivered within a week.

The client was able to fit the accumulators in-house so did not need to make use of the fitting service offered by Apex. All accumulators are now working as required, meaning the off-the-shelf accumulators have been a straightforward and cost-effective solution for the business and the machining manager is very pleased with the service that was provided.

Apex provides a range of top-quality hydraulic accumulators that can replace old accumulators from all brands, including Hydac, Greer, Bosch, QHP, OMT, Fawcett Christie (FCH), Olear and Parker.

For queries or a free no obligation quote contact Apex Hydraulics on 01924 456788.


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