Recycling Accumulators out of warranty Saves Time and Money for Plastics Manufacturer

Having fully operational and effective accumulators are vital to the efficient running of a hydraulic system. Factories that have been using old accumulators have found that the purchase of new accumulators has paid for itself within a matter of days, because the increased efficiency leads to a higher product output.

Original Equipment Manufacturers often charge extortionate rates for replacement parts. Apex Hydraulics can replace any hydraulic equipment parts, usually for vastly less than the OEM. Apex Hydraulics can often offer brand new accumulators at a similar price to repairing old accumulators with original OEM parts and re-certifying old accumulators.

One company ordered 30 new accumulators from Apex Hydraulics, after finding that the OEM was charging almost double the quote from Apex. Apex provided 30 high quality, guaranteed accumulators from renowned Italian manufacturer OMT.

However, what to do with obsolete accumulators was a complication for them. Scrap and recycling companies will not take accumulators as they are pressurised containers and pose a serious hazard.

Apex Hydraulics offer a recycling service for hydraulic accumulators, which include the safe depressurising of the accumulators and sustainable recycling. This was an ideal solution for the client as it offered maximum efficiency and support.

Top quality OMT accumulators are always available in stock at Apex Hydraulics so could be delivered whenever the client required, with very little prior notice. At the client’s request a staggered delivery was arranged, with six being delivered at a time. After the company’s in-house engineers had the opportunity to install them, Apex went to collect the old units that were out of their warranty to depressurise and recycle them.

This system allowed the company to experience almost no downtime and inconvenience. Apex took care of all the delivery and collection logistics, with the company being able to install the accumulators at their own convenience, around their own production schedule. The company has benefitted from efficient, top-quality accumulators, with no hassle and no concerns about disposing of their obsolete accumulators.


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